Saturday, March 8, 2014

Milking Machine 2

The milking machine I made last year worked pretty well; but, I found that over time the rubber seals I used to seal between the tubing fittings and the jar lid broke down and began to leak.  The leaking seals made it difficult to pull a vacuum, which is what is used to suck the milk out of the goats.

Not only did the seals in the lid leak, but the seal between the lid and the jar leaked on occasion too.

I also noticed that the top of my lid was developing some rust.  In a perfect world, the milk doesn't actually touch the lid.  Nevertheless, it was enough concern to get serious.

Many times, I became frustrated with my contraption.  I even considered purchasing a real Henry Milker; but, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I've only given this the college try.  I haven't given it the tenacious professional try yet.

So, I went in search of some better materials.

I went to Ace Hardware and found some nylon fittings.  I used two barbed male adapters, and two hex bushings.  If you don't have a local hardware store, or your local store doesn't carry these items, you can probably order them from here:

The next piece of the upgrade came in the form of half-gallon canning jars with wide mouth lids.  I drilled two holes in the lid, the appropriate size to insert the threaded portion of the barbed male adapter, which was fitted with a nylon
washer prior to going through the lid. Finally, I screwed on the hex bushing and snugged it up.

This lid will now fit on any standard wide-mouth mason jar.

I like the half-gallon size to have milk in the refrigerator, but I prefer to milk with quart sized jars.  You'll have to see what works best for you.

For the original instructions that explain how to make the rest of this device, you can see my previous post here:

I have all the pieces cleaned and assembled.  The goats freshened between two and three weeks ago, so should have cleared their colostrum.  It's time for a field test.

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  1. So far so good. The lid is perfectly sealed and I'm back to high-performance milking. Now if my does would just wean their kids and get back to high-performance milk production we'd be in business!