Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kidding is Finished for 2014

Breezy's Twins: 1 boy, 1 girl
As I was dreaming of super cute goat kids last fall, I began to imagine the possibilities while trying to keep my feet firmly planted in reality.
From my 8 year-old Bree, I thought 3 kids might be possible; but, 2 was a much more realistic number.  I decided to plan on two from her.  Chilly and Breezy, each two years old now, are still first fresheners.  I supposed two from each might be possible, but everybody knows that first time fresheners only have 1 kid.  Sandy and Mackenzie are still not even a year old, so there was no way I would see more than one from each of them.
So that's, let me see... one, two, four, six, nine.  Nine possible goats.  HAHA!  No way.  I'll get six though.  That's plenty for me to handle anyway.

Fast forward to February 20th.  NINE!  Six boys, three girls!  Holy crap on a pogo stick, that's a lot of baby goats.  Don't tell my wife.

Mama Bree finished the set with triplets today.  Two boys and a girl.  One of those boys is really big and caught my eye.  I wasn't really planning on keeping any bucks this year, but he might be a keeper...

Since all the kids were born on or near Valentines Day, that will be our naming theme.

Boy's Name:  Vanentino ~Tino~
Girl's Names:  Cupido, Amore, Tesoro

I'm not sure who is who yet, it's a big enough job keeping track of which baby belongs to which mama. Coded collars are working for right now, but we're going to need name tags very soon.  Sadly, some will have to find new homes; a task I'm not looking forward to.  Cash in the pocket will ease my feelings some.

The first girl born this year, and Mackenzie's only kid.
Meet Maiden D' Shade Amore

Just for the record, everybody kidded within 6 days of a full moon.  They also all kidded during storms.