Sunday, February 24, 2013

Somebody's in heat...

Truth be told, I didn't really think this one all the way through, but we're getting it together now.

Now I love bacon as much as the next guy, but my wife...  I can almost get away with rearranging the furniture if I feed my wife bacon.

So, it seemed only natural to buy a piglet, raise it up, make babies, and eat them.  After about 3 minutes of research I selected the Large Black Hog as my breed.  It only took that long, they were perfect!  My criteria was that it had to be heritage, had to be hardy, had to produce good product, had to be mellow, had to be light on the land, had to be efficient, had to possess good mothering ability, and I was hoping it would be slightly rare.  The Old Spots were a close contender, but they didn't emerge victorious.

It took me a long time to actually find a Large Black Hog.  The one I found wasn't actually that great, but I didn't know the difference at the time.  She's ok, and her offspring will produce tons of bacon over the years; but, I don't think her genes will spread any further than freezers.  I have recently found a breeder with much better genetics, and much steeper prices.  Anyway, back to my story.

Shortly after picking up my piglet, I was sold on the idea of a Large Black & Tamworth cross.  It never even occurred to me to artificially inseminate my large black with Tamworth semen once in a while.  Probably because that would have been the smart thing to do.  Nope, I bought a Tamworth gilt to keep my LB company.

The Tamworth is a heritage breed, and is very hardy.  Right there is where they stop meeting with my criteria.  They are still closely in touch with their wild brethren, probably by Facebook.  She is obnoxious, loud, pushy, and now that she's in heat, downright mean.  I flicked her in the nose just like I was told, she didn't care.  Next time I whapped her in the nose, she only took one step back.  She is now marked for death.  Into the freezer with you!  At only about 150 lbs and the weather warming up, I'll have to put up with her until fall.  Any takers for some home brew and a pig in the ground this October?

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  1. If I have to put up with her for 7 more months, I may as well get some babies out of her. She's actually ready to to breed right this second, but I don't have an AI kit or any semen. I have my calendar marked for her next cycle, I have the phone number for a stud (semen bank), and I should be able to find an AI kit easily enough. Now I just have to decide what breed to cross her with...